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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


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I spend hours a day surfing the internet for interesting and exciting things. (My boss is currently struggling with finding work for me to do, but I can't complain, he's paying me for it.)

Last night I was able to share lots of worthwhile news with my boyfriend and our standard double-date couple. Here's some newsworthy world goings-on for you to educate yourself on.

Alien Planet

Flying Car

Its apparently a slow news day...

Additionally, Last night was the premiere of Twilight's third installment, Eclipse. I will not lie and say I did not buy midnight tickets for New Moon, but it was more for the event itself than the actual movie. I mean, who wouldn't want to see teenage girls scream over Robert Pattinson's overly coiffed hair??
Anyway, I'm going to remain neutral and assert that while I am not the biggest fan, I do not hate Twilight either. So for your enjoyment, one of my favorites, The Oatmeal has presented an informative summation of "How Twilight Works"

Lastly, I've got big plans for the fourth of July... GAGA! Boyfriend's father was kind enough to get me tickets for which I am eternally grateful. I've spent the day deciding what to wear and am still a little unsure but this is what I am thinking:

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Oh, also, I decided to be super cliche for my text there... sorry for the lack of creativity. :/

Love, Brittany

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Lynzy said...

Thanks for stopping by<3

I will be posting a half marathon training schedule next week, train with me! You can do it!

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