Partea in the Garden

Saturday, February 6, 2010

You'll See the World, The World Will See You

Hello! Its been eternity.
I've been a bit busy. Although I've been going on inspiration overdrive. Lighting has been really catching my eye lately. Maybe because the sun doesn't often shine in Ireland... Here are some of my current favorites.

All from FuckYeahSkinnyBitch.

Here's a little glimpse of what I've been upto.

Essentially I've been living in this outfit. Travel attire.
The stars are out tonight. Its probably the first time I've seen them. The clouds just don't seem to go away. While home glistens with snow, I manage to bear the cats and dogs. The temperature is pretty moderate though. And the constant rain really does create the greenness that this country is famous for. Change of hair color was necessary too. My locks were turning brassy and I was fitting in with the natives. Being American is so interesting to the Irish.

Missing home, but loving the land of the leprechauns...

Love from abroad

xoxo Brittany