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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Treasures of the World Wide Web

Work has been monotonous lately so I've been scouring the internet (mostly digg and related links) to find the most interesting things happening in the world today.

For the interior designer in you, these fridges are not only functional but also pretty cool looking. I can't say I'm particularly a huge fan of the non-traditional design, I'd prefer a sleek nondescript refrigerator myself, but I can definitely appreciate the genius behind the idea.

I can't say I'm particularly surprised by the lengths people go to make a statement in fashion. This one however, crosses a line I'd dare not touch. My personal verdict is clearly, No, I would not wear clothing made out of condoms.

Stumbled upon this recipe that both excites, and scares me. I guess when you need your fix, 5 minute Chocolate Cake could really hit the spot. Maybe I'll make my boyfriend try it first though... ;)

I'll try to come up with an outfit post soon. I haven't been wearing much more than a construction vest and a hard hat lately...

Love, Brittany

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